Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was just prior to Christmas when I made my last entry, and it's now a couple of weeks past the New Year's holiday.  I'm still debating the prudence of forming any actual new year's Resolutions - the only one I've ever been successful at maintaining has been the resolution years ago not to  make any further resolutions, after all - there are things that I intend for myself during the coming 12 month span.

Some of the things I'd like to do during this coming year are pretty much perennial favorites.  I would like to lose more weight to improve my health, and (no doubt) my self esteem in the process.  I would still like to quit smoking - though now that I'm working outside the house 4 nights a week, that's a lot more likely than it has been in the past, simply because I can't smoke while I'm at work & on the clock.  Of course I want more ink - I Always want more ink, and it's simply a matter of finding time and money at the same time that holds me back.

A few of the things I want for this year, though, are far from "normal" for me.  They aren't Unexpected, considering how the past couple of years have gone, but that expected and normal are sometimes far removed from each other. 

I would like to replace my vehicle.  Of course, doing so means not only getting the money together to purchase such, but getting the rest of my old fines paid off - a work in progress that doesn't go nearly as quickly as I'd like, even if progress is being made a bit at a time.

I would Love to get ahead enough to take an actual, honest ta gods, real vacation.  Preferably outside the borders of the US, though in the US to a point where I've yet to visit would suffice at this point.

To hell with such claptrap as World Peace, Brotherhood for All Mankind, and other such rot.  I'm honest enough at the least to admit that what I want for the coming year is on the selfish side.  I want things for Me - the rest of the world, and humanity, can shift for itself.  Charity begins at home, and if anything, I'm resolving to be a lot more charitable to myself.

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