Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diary of a Mad Woman

So I've been thinking for a while now that I should start a blog. Part of it is that lemming-like human tendency to at least try things out that their friends are interested in. And part, of course, is simply because this venue works for me as a sort of diary that I'm more likely to actually Use than an old fashioned, hand written, lock on the outside to keep it private (as if I ever bothered to keep my various childhood diaries private) accounting of personal thoughts and experiences.

So without further ado, let us leap forthwith into the fray, shall we?

The first order of business should perhaps be defining what I mean by a Mad Woman. Am I speaking in classical terms as one who is insane, or am I referring to the anger - rage, even - which society's current woes induce? The answer is, I mean a bit of both. After all, I am more than a touch insane - that has been proven time and again throughout the course of my life, even recently. Part of the proof lays within the realm of who I live and share my bed with, but we'll save That particular topic for a different day.

Insanity notwithstanding, the older I get, the more I find myself outraged over the turn of events in the course of my lifetime, and the growing disparity between what I was raised to consider good and right and decent (in middle class, suburban/semi-rural, center of the country, 2oth century America) and how things Really Are. I take a close look at what I was taught to expect from the government, in terms of elected officials being placed in their positions to look out for MY best interests over their own. Then I contrast that with the blatant lack of concern over the best interests of constituancy displayed by today's erected reprehensibles. The results of such comparison are inevitably anger and frustration, combined with a seething desire to commit some form of unspeakable mayhem against anything wearing the suit labled "politician." Fortunately, my classical madness is not such that it would lead me to disregard my own welfare (or life, liberty, and persuite of such happiness as can be had) to go haring off to actually partaken in the mayhem that wanders fleetingly through my brain. I am, after all, a huge fan of liberty - especially my own - and am not wont towards actions that might jeapordize such in either the short or the long term.

For the moment, I'll consider this the beginning of a beginning for this blog. We'll see where it leads from here, when the mood to write strikes me, or some random thought simply will not go away until I've expounded upon it at some length. No doubt there will be days when I use this outlet as a means of purging frustration - with myself, with my other half, with life in general, with the government, with society at large. I'll try to forwarn you via post title, oh reader, when those days happen to crop up. At least that way, you'll be prepared for whatever diatribe you stumble into the midst of.

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