Friday, October 1, 2010

Practicing What we Preach

Back seat drivers.

I'm betting we all know at least one or two.  You know the type.  They're the ones who don't want the responsibility themselves, but want a veto over whoever has responsibility, and by damned they're gonna harass, harangue, and hassle you into compliance with how they think things should be done!  They're part of a group, loudly proclaiming to one and all that everyone should be on board for the common goals of the group.  And even louder in their disdain and complaints against anyone who they feel isn't on board enough towards those common goals.

They don't want to be in charge.  They want someone Else to be in charge.  Being the Responsible one is too much hassle.  It's a headache.  No one listens.  People have to be hounded into compliance with procedure and whatever rules are in place.  What they forget to acknowledge is that they don't follow procedure either, and have bluntly stated that they have no intention of following any rules other than their own.  After all, they're a free adult, and they don't need someone else's rules or procedures cause they're gonna do their own thing.

These are the folks who won't step up to the plate themselves, when something needs doing, but when you step up to the plate, they're going to bitch and moan and whine that you aren't in charge and who made you boss and how dare you step up to the plate to fill the void!

They'll egg on a pair of antagonists, and complain when someone says, "enough is enough - quit acting like spoiled toddlers!"  After all, free speech dictates that they should be able to squabble and fight all they want, even if they're annoying the crap out of everyone around them.  Right?  RIGHT?  (Never mind that they're ignoring the Free Speech of the person who told the squabblers to stop!)

Does it ever end? 

Do grownups (or supposed grown ups) ever actually start Acting like the adults they claim to be? 

Do people ever really give up their own personal hypocrisies to practice what they preach?

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