Thursday, May 10, 2012

Much To Do about Nothing

Lately there's been a lot of hoopla and debate over same sex marriages.  Personally, I'm failing to see where there's a problem.  If the LGBT community really wants to put up with the same sort of legal hassles at breakup that the straight community goes through - I'm all for letting them do so!

Let's face it.  There is no place that we need the government - or some religious nut - Less than we need them sticking their noses into our bedrooms, attempting to dictate our morality or lack thereof.  So long as everyone involved is of legal age to sign a contract for themselves, has sufficient mental capacity to know what they're doing (always questionable, where marriage is concerned) and has no prior legal contracts of the same nature that would preclude them from doing so (bigamy being a crime, after all) then Go For It.

Frankly, I consider marriage to be a grand institution.  Those who want to be married seriously need to be institutionalized. 

If the 2 to 30 day "marriages" of various Acting, Singing, and Sports stars aren't destroying the "sanctity" of the institution, then a loving same gender couple who have been together for a long time certainly aren't going to do it any harm.  Hell, all things considered, those Gay and Lesbian couples are already living a more sanctified, holier, and moral life than any of the so-called icons from Hollywood, Memphis, and MoTown.  Ok, so they happen to share their bed with someone who has the same biological equipment that they were born with.  So what?  If they aren't attempting to sleep with You, or Your Partner, what's the big deal?  And if they Are attempting to sleep with you and/or your partner, and you're game for it - what business is it of mine?  Or the government's?  Or some right wing hell-and-brimstone religious fanatic either, for that matter?

Child raising?  I was a single parent.  My children received discipline, love, guidance, and the necessities of life.  I didn't bother instructing them in a religion, because what I practice is a personal path of spirituality.  They'll choose their own religion as adults, when they can make the decision of what to believe for themselves.  I didn't bother with Morality either, because morals change from one society to the next, and even from one generation to the next within the context of a given society.  I did teach them a strong Ethical code, which isn't emphasised nearly enough any longer, that stressed what I personally consider the nobler virtues - Honesty, Fidelity, Hospitality, Courage, Compassion, Justice, and Personal Responsibility.

As far as I'm concerned, a Gay or Lesbian couple is just as qualified to raise and teach their children as I was.  And in a lot of cases, I'm willing to bet that they are More qualified, because they actually Like children and Want to have/raise them - I know I didn't.

I could care less about the religious objections of those who practice the various Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) because their own religious texts don't specify the "one man, one woman" that they're all screaming about.  Their texts also condone slavery (though on the grounds of right of conquest, not race or gender) genocide (I can't put a number to the various tribes and peoples that were exterminated by the Israelites in the old testament, under the orders of their god) the subjugation of half the human population (the texts were written by a nomadic, war mongering patriarchal society after all, so devaluing women was a matter of course) and polygamy (think about David and his son Soleman and their hundreds of wives!)  No, this particular portion isn't to rag on those who happen to follow and have faith in any of those specific religions.  It's simply meant to point out that the argument that such religions forbid this form of marriage is invalid for a number of good reasons.

Either way - LGBTs - go for it, as far as I'm concerned.  I honestly don't give a flyin rat's fart who you marry, as long as it's not me you're proposing to!

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