Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"If" or "When"

Life is the one thing that not one of us is going to make it out of alive.

No one.  Not one single solitary person.

People these days are so concerned with staying Alive.  They rant about staying in good health, so that they can live longer. 

Social pressure is brought to bear against those whose habits have been deemed to shorten the amount of time that they inhabit their current physical form.  Folks make it a point of giving up "bad" habits, of eating whatever the "experts" deem to be healthy (this week - just wait, it'll change with the next fad celebrity diet) of becoming more physically actively.  All with the intention of prolonging their time here on this crowded little mudball.

For what?

All of their habit changes, "healthy eating," exercise, stress relieving techniques..... all of it is pointless, in the end.  Its not going to save them.  Its not going to keep them from eventually dying.  If they are meant to die at a particular point, they're going to regardless of how careful they are, or how "healthy" their habits.

The point to all this?

Don't bother bragging on  yourself.  Stop trying to guilt people into giving up habits that have become socially unacceptable for "health" reasons.  Stop thinking that reverse peer pressure is somehow going to "save" them.

Its not.

Eventually, a grave waits for each of us, no matter how we try to fight it.

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