Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An anniversary, of sorts

In a week, it will have been a year since I started this blog.  A rather interesting, and sometimes stressful and trying, year.

I've had a relationship (a bad one, I'll grant you) blow up in my face - mostly because I placed my trust in someone who was completely unworthy of anyone's trust.  I've started a new relationship, with someone who has displayed a lot more loyalty, honesty, reliability, and respect.  We'll see where it goes in the coming months, since it's currently in it's 6th month of existence.

I've gone from being terminally unemployed to having a job - one which is working out rather well, and which I actually enjoy, even though it's neither glamorous nor well-paid.  I'm even looking at the possibility of increased hours, a pay raise, and a possible promotion within the next month, although I've only been employed for 3 months.

I'm finally beginning to get caught up with myself financially, and the prospects for the coming year - while not peachy - are certainly better than they have been in the prior 18 month period for various reasons, and have nowhere to go but up.

My home is nearly back in order - a long and rather difficult process to get it there, without a doubt - after having finally rid it of unwanted guests, uncouth acquaintances, and unsavory roommates.  I'm even getting things in order sufficiently that I can perhaps start painting again, which I've been putting off doing for quite some time now.

All in all, things are looking better every day.  While I won't hold my breath that they'll necessarily stay that way, neither will I allow myself to dwell on the possibility that they won't.