Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Other Peoples' Children

I'm currently sitting here at the public library, in what they call their "quiet reading room," accessing the wifi available and attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to refrain from glaring balefully at a trio of 8 to 10 year olds who keep running in and out of the room, completely lacking in any sort of adult supervision.

I'm not particularly fond of children at the best of times - especially other peoples' assorted misbehaving crotchfruit.  This particular trio is reminding me post haste of exactly WHY I so strenuously dislike other peoples' children.  Loud, disrespectful, unsupervised, boisterous in an area which is clearly marked as a place to be both quiet and respectful of other library patrons - someone needs to duct tape the little brats into a trio of chairs via their wrists and ankles, duct tape their mouths shut, and explain to them that they aren't going to be allowed back up until their parental unit comes to claim them and Removes them from the entire Building.

It's not that I necessarily dislike All children.  I don't.  Really.  Quiet, studious, well behaved, respectful, well disciplined youngsters provided with plenty to quietly entertain themselves, and sufficient parental supervision that it assures I'm not going to have to consider pulling the In Loco Parentis card - they're fine.  A joy even.  I just can't stand - and won't tolerate - the unsupervised chaos and mayhem of someone else's little darling being left to run rampant with complete disregard to the rest of humanity.  I detest the Parents of such spawn even more than I dislike their offspring.  The parents should know better - and if they aren't capable of, or willing to, keep their nasty little brats in line - they should be tortured, forcibly neutered, and their spawn removed and placed with someone who WILL supervise them.  (Dear gods no, not ME - I would kill the stupid lil bastards before they learned enough not to piss me off!)