Saturday, July 7, 2012

For the love of lil green apples

I pray that I'm wrong.  I sincerely, absolutely, positively, without a doubt hope that some of my acquaintances are not nearly as naive, blind, or just flat out stupid as they are currently coming across.  By all the gods and goddesses that humanity has ever conceived I honestly hope it's all some sort of massive (if really bad) joke, and they haven't drunk the government's kool-aid on this one.

This whole ObamaCare thing isn't about universal health care.  It's not about leveling the playing field, or forcing companies to sell at a loss.  It's not about making your life easier. It's about creating 165,000 new IRS agents who's sole job will be to determine whether your insurance policy merits a fine, and putting 10 Million more people into the health care system on the receiving end, while making no provisions to recruit new doctors or give young people any sort of incentive to go to college for a medical degree to take the strain off the system.

It's about CONTROL.  It's about America turning into even More of a socialist Nanny State, where the government is the sole entity to decide what is and isn't good for you.  It's about giving up personal freedom for the illusion of safety.  It's about forgetting that the government is supposed to be our servant, rather than the other way around.

It's about all the thousands of pages of regulations that are now going to have to be drafted to ensure that "everyone gets treated the same."

And what is the "same" going to be?

Say hello to the government telling you what you can and can't eat - because hey, that greasy hamburger is making you obese, and obesity is costing the country billions of dollars each year in health care and lost wages.

Say hello to the government telling you what hobbies you can and can't participate in - because hey, that's dangerous, and risky, and you might fall down and hurt yourself - and that would cost the country money in health care and lost wages while you heal from your injuries.

While you're at it, say hello to some pencil pushing number cruncher in D.C. being the one who decides whether or not you Really need that dental work, or those medical tests, or that medication.

Because if you actually LIKE this new law, that's what you've signed on for - and signed me on for as well, despite the fact that I don't want it, don't like it, and would prefer to do without it.

I do not need some government geek telling me what is good or bad for me.  I certainly don't need them deciding what I can or can't or MUST purchase.  I don't want them dipping further into my already over strained wallet to give yet more of my hard earned paycheck to some twit with a twat who can't keep her legs closed and has a dozen kids by as many men, or the brainless dicks who knocked her up because they're too busy getting high and being ghetto terrorists to get a job and pay their own damned child support for the multitude of brats they've spawned.

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